Don’t Miss this Double Bill

Tom Holloway is perhaps my favourite playwright. I have seen many of his plays- fortunately he has written about ten and have found the delicacy of his writing quite spellbinding in all his work. I longed for this production to come to The Old Fitz and booked my tickets months ago.Tom Holloway was asked to write a short play in response to a play called Sea Wall by well known English dramatist Simon Stephens. It was brought to Sydney by a Melbourne company called Red Stitch. I was not disappointed.

The play takes two halves; companion monologues about an English woman traveling to Australia (performed by Rosie Lockhart) and an Irish man living in England (Ben Prendergast). The acting is beautiful and the stories are crafted so well that the full story becomes very slowly apparent- like a light being slowly turned up in a room until everything is clear. There is a lovely extra dimension given to the production by a series of projections and the lighting is marvellous.

The play runs for an hour but I would have loved two hours of these glorious performers…do not miss this one!

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