Marina Abramovic…Art and Medicine unite

Marina Abramovic is the most successful and famous performance artist in the world. We are lucky to have a show of hers in Sydney right now, called ‘In Residence’ and it is a MUST SEE event. Housed at pier2/3 at Walsh Bay, it is open from 12:00 noon daily for one more week. I saw it yesterday and have told most of my patients today to rush over there!

This performance art utilises the ‘audience’ is its performers. It is an artistic version of meditation and mindfulness which is created by a series of exercises. All participants relinquish watches whilst they are in the art space so there is no way of measuring time. It is silent but there is plenty of wonderful communication between the volunteers and audience members and audience members themselves.

This amazing event is free….even more amazing. But it really is priceless!

Misterman is brilliant

Misterman is currently playing with a short season at the Old Fitzroy Theatre at Woolloomooloo. It is a new play by the highly regarded Irish playwright Enda Walsh, and is directed by Kate Gaul who is equally highly regarded as an Australian director. Her direction of this really beautiful play is flawless. The set is fascinating and she brings the story smoothly into focus as if manipulating a camera lens.Thomas Campbell in the main role is truly brilliant, dazzling the audience with his range and depth. He is mesmerising. When you leave the theatre you would not be surprised to find yourself off broadway, having just been entertained by a famous actor. There is no time to delay. Book tickets now!