Wisteria (small)

We purchased a property in this beautiful region in 2017 and are now seeing patients on alternate Fridays, Mondays and Tuesdays. The goal is to provide an integrative medical service which is more accessible to folk who have in the past journeyed to see me in Sydney but who have found this quite a struggle- especially for follow up appointments. Appointments can be made through my secretary, (02) 9331 2732

orangeOrange is a historic town and is full of life and charm. Because of its success as a wine growing region there are wonderful restaurants, food festivals and other activities to enjoy. I have been impressed by the healthy options in the restaurants which we have dined in and being gluten free is never a problem.

Before we purchased, we stayed at a gorgeous B+B, ‘Boissy‘  on Moulder St. This is the quintessential B+B,  both charming and modern and is run by an extremely talented and hospitable gentleman called Gideon.