ExerciseIt is impossible to be healthy without doing exercise, and we need to do more than most people realise to optimise our health. There is a huge amount of research to prove that enough exercise is as effective as medication in ameliorating symptoms of anxiety and depression for example, but the benefits of exercise extend far beyond what we can even feel from day to day. It improves the look of our skin, the strength of our bones, improves our immune surveillance, in turn reducing risk of infectious and malignant disease, and is the lifestyle factor most linked to longevity. We now know that a mitochondrial enzyme called AMPk is significantly elevated by regular intense exercise, and this actually maintains the health of every cell in the body.

But exercise is not a one size fits all activity. When I see patients I always recommend exercise; the amount and style varies with according to the baseline health issues. I do some exercise daily, 30-60 minutes and free weights are a part of my daily routine, both in Sydney and Orange. I have been a jogger all my life from my early teens and this is a natural form of cardiovascular activity for me. It may not be appropriate for another individual in their late 50s to start, however! So I look at all options when making my exercise prescription.