Furniture in my surgery

The furniture in my office space has been purchased from a wonderful shop in Surry Hills called Vampt. This store specialises in Scandinavian, Danish and twentieth century vintage furniture. The beauty of this is the combination of very affordable sleek modern furniture alongside some very exotic unique pieces. There is no doubt that well made furniture will last much longer and become better value than most lower priced modern furniture.

My reception desk is a very special piece of furniture. It was commissioned by George Rich Nicholas (1884 – 1960), a wealthy pharmacist in the 1940s as his office desk. reception-desk-croppedIt is an art deco desk with 15 sides and really exquisite panels of wood. The story behind this gentleman’s fortune is that he was asked by the government to create an alternative to the German brand of aspirin by Bayer when the Second World War broke out. He managed to do so and thereby became very wealthy indeed, his portrait hanging in the National Portrait Gallery. I am very lucky to have this to greet my patients!