Eating out

Dining out is often a challenge for my patients when they are trying to be true to their diet programs. Naturally raw food is an option and there are many restaurants offering dishes such as the carpaccio, ceviche, and various forms of steak tartare . A few particular options include

logopranzi1)Bon Vin: I reviewed a restaurant called Pranzi, but unfortunately it closed recently. A new restaurant on Crown street but on the Darlinghurst side is  Bon Vin. This restaurant’s kitchen is run by well known classically trained chef Lisa Nicholson and offers fresh, locally sourced produce, many gluten free options and incorporates some very healthy dishes for improving our microbiome such as  broths  and bone marrow .

2) Billy Kwong. This Chinese restaurant is legendary and seems to be doing very well in its new Potts Point ( Macleay St) position. It is worthy of being mentioned because of its passionate commitment to locally sourced organic produce and for this reason can be enjoyed by my cancer patients who are trying to be super careful in avoiding new sources of toxicity.

3) Jimmy Fitz. This is the restaurant at my favourite theatre venue, the Old Fitzroy Hotel in Woolloomooloo. James the chef provides all the comfort classics, but unlike many pub chefs he makes his own sauces from fresh ingredients and is extremely accommodating in relation to food requirements such as gluten free/paleo. When my husband had just begun his gluten free adventure James made him feel comfortable about his food choices which often does not happen in this arena. He offers gluten free pasta- rare for a pub, and all his dishes are excellent- perhaps because he does not take the ‘shortcuts’!!

healthnuts-logo4) Health Nuts. This is a health food shop in Kings Cross ( right underneath ‘The Sign’ and located in the mall). They have opened a cafe underneath which has all the Paleo food you would expect and each dish is marvelous. We have had a delicious bite before seeing a play in the area.