Dr Jenny Bromberger attended Monash University medical school and graduated with honours. She has been a general practitioner for thirty years and has always had a focus on preventative medicine and nutrition. She has looked after elderly patients in aged care facilities for many years as well to ensure that she remains up to date on chronic disease. More recently she completed formal training with the leading tertiary institute of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, (A.C.N.E.M.) where she holds a Fellowship- the highest qualification attainable.She has done particular study in mental health, cancer treatment and childhood illness. She is also a member of A.I.M.A, which is Australasia’s foremost association of integrative practitioners.

Jenny is a certified Fitgenes Practitioner and has completed formal training with the MINDD foundation through their MAPS programme. Jenny is also a qualified drama teacher from Trinity college and passionate about the performing arts, attending over one hundred and fifty events per year.

Jenny is the mother of three daughters all attending university in Sydney, with her middle daughter styling the practice in Woolloomooloo. Jenny practices in Woolloomooloo and Orange, NSW in her own Integrative Medicine practice, alongside her husband Peter, a Software Architect.

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