FitgenesWe all know that our health is the product of our genes and our environment- the food we eat, the toxins we smoke or ingest, the exercise we do, the stress we are under. There is now a practical way to accurately check for some important gene polymorphisms, which is our genetic endowment, AND know how to modify the effect of this using natural remedies to up regulate or down regulate the effected genes.

An earlier test, the ’23 and me’ gives the recipient a bewildering amount of data and is very difficult to interpret practically. The new test will also show some well researched solutions, and this can have a profound effect on the underlying cause of disease and symptoms.

Health And Wellness BadgeThe MTHFR test is well known by now, but this is just one of the genes assessed with the fitgenes technology, and whilst it is important, it is only one character in the play! I was very impressed with the quality and level of research when I did my certification.

Fitgenes requires only a mouth swab and can be ordered by any practitioner who has been appropriately trained (certified). It really is at the cutting edge of medicine!