mind-foundation-logoHaving  completed my MAPS training through the MINDD foundation, and also done study in an integrative approach to treating children, it is very rewarding to apply these principles to children. As an integrative doctor I am aware of the huge impact that our environment has had on the disease profile of children in Australia. There is a frightening lack of awareness amongst medical bodies about the explosion in ADHD, Autism and allergy in our children, and many doctors are still claiming that this increase is caused by ‘better reporting’.

Children.jpgI am keen to help families who have children affected with chronic disease because making environmental and nutritional changes can have very significant benefits in relation to symptoms. Even children born with chromosomal abnormalities such as Downs Syndrome can improve their health and capacity significantly with an integrative approach. More satisfying still is that strategies that integrative medicine offers do not carry unwanted side effects and long term risks.

I offer counselling re immunisation and provide immunisations at both my Woolloomooloo and regional practices to patients currently scheduled or on a catch-up program. Regretfully, I am not able to take on new patients for catch-up immunisations currently due to a limit on stock availability.

There are always new and novel therapies being trialled in the integrative community worldwide, and through extensive conference attendance I am always excited to bring these new ideas back to the surgery!