Medical cannabis, or ‘legal marijuana’ is prescribed by me quite regularly in my practice.

The main indications are for pain, anxiety and other neurological conditions such as essential tremor.

When indicated, I make an application through a scheme called the S.A.S (Special Access Scheme), and patients do not pay for this application. In this application I give an explanation for why the medication would be helpful, and I always describe the symptoms that I am hoping to address, and the impact on the patients lifestyle. While the application may take some time to be processed, so far I have not had any applications refused!

It is prescribed in the form of CBD oil, which is presented as drops which are placed under the tongue. I keep track of all my patients using it, and check in with them to be updated on their progress, so I can say that it is very efficacious. As an integrative doctor, I never rely on one ‘silver bullet’ to treat a patient with a complex problem, but it can make all the difference whilst we are sorting out a dysbiosis, MCAS, hormonal issues an so on.

If you are experiencing pain, anxiety or other neurological symptoms which could benefit from this medication, by all means make an appointment to see me!