dinner and the Late Show at The Fitz

The Old Fitz theatre created the late show- usually around 9:30 to enable more productions into the theatre, and particularly shorter works or new scripts.

The current late show, directed by Red Line’s Andrew Henry is a wonderful piece of theatre which would past muster in any main stage season.’A Girl with Sun in her Eyes’ is a dark, cop thriller set in the U.S. which is tremendously entertaining but also a deceptively well engineered play which ultimately fits together beautifully.The tension is maintained throughout, and the scene changes are handled quite creatively with characters continuing to interact as they move furniture. ¬†At the helm is the tremendously talented Jeremy Waters. We are so lucky as Sydney siders that he works in our city. No-one who enjoys theatre should miss one of his performances. The other actors are all convincing and well cast. The accents are all effortless as would be expected from an Andrew Henry directed play.

Before the show I also recommend the Fitz restaurant which serves good quality pub food. The chef is also extremely accommodating and creative with food allergies/preferences- we always love his food.