Inner Voices

Louis Nowra is one of Australia’s most celebrated playwrights and ‘Inner Voices’ is a very early play that he wrote in his twenties. What a joy to see this work in a production that must surely surpass its original presentation. This black comedy is pure entertainment, spellbinding from beginning to end. The play tells the story of Ivan( a wonderful performance by Damien Strouthos), heir to the Russian throne who has been gaoled since childhood. There is a plot hatched by one of his guards ( played magnificently by Anthony Gooley) to put him on the throne- anticipating that he will reap the benefits of being Ivan’s ‘right hand man.’ There are many plot twists involving murders,marriages, deaths and rivals for the throne and these are crafted beautifully by the cast which includes Francesca Savage, (always brilliant) Julian Garner, Emily Goddard, Annie Byron and Nicholas Papademetriou. Since Anthony, Francesca and Nicholas are always in ‘winners’ as productions go, I knew that this would be good, but it really surpassed my anticipated pleasure. The sets and costumes are very creative ¬†and actually enhance the plot, and the lighting and sound design are also just right.

Seeing the current double of Inner Voices and Bicycle – with a pre-theatre scotch fillet from the restaurant must be the best quality, best value night out in Sydney….in fact I would wager that no-one would feel less than exhilarated!

Bicycle is exquisite

Sometimes I sit in awe when an original piece of theatre has been written by someone whom I have seen several times as a performer but whose gift as a playwright was not known to me. Bicycle is a beautiful imaginative piece of theatre performed to perfection by its writer Danielle Baynes. It is delicious theatre and is directed by the very talented Michael Dean.( Anyone who saw his Phaedra at the Tap Gallery will know what I mean!) As a Late Show it must utilise the set of the Main Stage play, and Danielle  cleverly weaves between the elements of the set . Her performance is enhanced by a violinist, Pip Drakacis, whose musical performance adds another beautiful dimension to this marvelous piece. Do not miss it!