Little Borders is a Great Play

Little Borders has a very short season at the 505 and so you must get to Newtown before 15/7 to see this excellent play. It is written by a young Australian playwright, Phillip Kavanagh, who has won several major awards for a good reason- his work is insightful, funny, captivating and the messages are clear. This is a very dark comedy about our perception of The Other and could not be more appropriate for 2017 – amazingly written in 2010. The cast, Lucy Goleby and Brandon McClelland is up to the task, both actors handling the humour and drama equally well. The set is perfect for the piece and the lighting is particularly attractive. It is flawlessly directed by Dominic Mercer. ┬áThe producer, Dino Dimitriadis does not have a blurb in the programme but he is one of those creatives whose work is always good, whether he directs or produces. This work is a complete pleasure to watch and deserves a full house. Don’t miss it!.