Love It !- Metamorphoses

The new play at The old Fitz, Metamorphoses, is spellbinding. A tribute to love ( and a feature of Mardi Gras) it fashions a Tony award winning play based on Roman mythology into a luxurious banquet of story telling, movement and visual effects. It is a unique piece of theatre that I need to see again.

The director, Dino Dimitriadis, is always sure footed, but this piece demonstrates a creativity rarely seen. His choice of cast, and the way he uses gender in the parables depicted, enlivens and enlarges our appreciation of some very well known but previously two dimensional myths. The synergy of voice, movement, lighting and sets is extraordinary and completely captivating.

It is an ensemble cast, and every performer contributes beautifully to the production. The young actress Zoe Terakes must be mentioned because, as an actress who just completed her H.S.C the maturity and depth of her performance is astonishing. Her performance of Eurydice is mesmerising. David Helman is just exquisite in his physical performance but also proves to be a sensitive actor.

There are only a few tickets left for this season, and anyone with a passing interest in theatre- and especially not vanilla flavoured theatre – must not miss Metamorphoses.