Delicious Dresden

The current play at the KXT ( KingsCross Theatre in the KX hotel) is  astonishing. It is a new Australian play  by Justin Fleming not burdened in any way by the need for an ‘Australian’ theme. It is broadly about the life of Richard Wagner- a larger than life creative genius- intersecting with moments in history from  the twentieth century. However, it is vastly more creative ,witty and deep than I can convey without spoiling some plot twists.

In the role of Wagner is the charismatic Jeremy Waters.  He is really glorious in this role and enables us to see the complexities of Wagner’s personality, in particular his vulnerability. He has some of the wittiest lines and delivers them with perfect timing. I have to add here that if Jeremy waters is in the cast of any play, it is a money back guarantee that the piece will be excellent. I have not missed anything that this hardworking performer has been in, and his versatility is unparalleled.

The other cast members are terrific and most play a variety of roles. Thomas Campbell is a brilliant actor who has been ‘highly decorated’ in the independent theatre world.( Sydney Theatre Awards for Best Actor) . He  has a real comedic flare, as do Ben Wood and Dorje Swallow in their various roles. Yalin   Ozucelik has the difficult task of playing Adolf Hitler in the one role that is not comedic and does an excellent job, avoiding parody and sentimentality. The one female role, of Cosima Wagner is played with a lovely etherial quality by Renee Lim.

With such a clever and entertaining play, and wonderful acting,the other aspects- lighting, sets ,costumes and music become an embarrassment of riches. They are handled with wonderful effect and brought together by director Suzanne Millar. Suzanne is the creative director of Bakehouse and as such curates plays for the KXT. She really does a great job- this year is the best year ever. We Sydneysiders are so lucky to have this venue providing quality theatre.

I really loved this play on so many levels. First an foremost it is deliciously entertaining!! There is only one week left so do not miss this world premiere!