Make Contact

Contact is a cafe/restaurant in Crown St Woolloomooloo, and the decor carries the theme of communication with various old fashioned telephones etc on shelves. It is an attractive looking eatery but it is special for two reasons.

Firstly it offers a ‘digital detox.’ In keeping with the theme of contact it offers diners a reward for handing over their toxic mobile devices, which are stored in tiny lockers until the end of the meal. Integrative doctors are always harping on about the  dangers of excessive time spent on portable technology so this concept resonates with me. Apart from the EMG issues the long term damage to our hippocampus from the excessive stimulation from social media sites is only starting to become apparent. Any break from this is welcome! Markus Strauder, the G.M ,has a vision and I really commend him for this.

Secondly the food is sensational. Healthy, fresh and creative the chef  Marco Giuliani is really masterful. The celeriac I ate last week was spectacular ( and this is not an easy vegetable to turn into a masterpiece), and the calamari was the most tender I have ever experienced. Slow cooking features strongly here, as well as traditional Italian methods.

This restaurant/bar is unique, and best of all the night out is actually beneficial for your health!