The latest play at The Old Fitz theatre is a new Australian play making its Sydney debut. It is directed by Janine Watson, a talented actress/director who does an outstanding job with this play. Ostensibly about a female football player who finds a place in the AFL, it is able to ask very penetrating questions about the gender stereotypes which pervade every aspect of our culture.Sadly, women do not have the same number of opportunities as men.

But a play has to entertain- and this one is a beauty. The scenes are full of intensity and impact and the movement ‘on field’ and in training is particularly strong. The acting from the ensemble cast is flawless, with all cast members playing multiple roles excepts for Lauren Richardson as the central character. She gives a brilliant performance .

This is an important and timely play. Hopefully this piece of theatre is one effort in helping us to evolve towards a world of true gender equality. Do not miss it.. there were no empty seats at last night’s show so book now!