Wink is currently on at KXT.. but only for one more week. It is a terrific play- on the surface very captivating and thoroughly entertaining but it has left me reflecting upon the deeper issues explored in the play ever since. It is very funny, and superbly witty in its story telling of an unhappy couple who are undergoing psychoanalytic therapy, and their pet cat, skinned by the husband .. who manages to survive, seeking shelter and therapy under the doctor .The plot is pure fantasy but is carried beautifully by the cast. Eloise Snape is such a fine actress. Everything about her is convincing, and this is vital since her character does some outlandish things. Graeme McRae is well matched as her husband, Matthew Cheetham conveys the vulnerability of the doctor perfectly and Sam O’Sullivan is excellent as the smart, seductive cat Wink. Anthony Skuse is one of our best and most experienced stage directors and he invariably brings out the best in his actors and ensures that the story unfolds elegantly. The direction, and the set were ideal. This production is a joy.. make the effort to get to the KXT!