JOHN…Believe the reviews

John is the latest production from Outhouse, and the third Annie Baker play that this company has presented, after Aliens and Flick. Baker is a multi-award winning contemporary playwright and her plays are naturalistic in style, focusing on the complexities of relationships. The previous plays were wonderful in every category and won many accolades. This production is likely to be an even bigger prize winner. It is really exquisite.

‘John’ has already been reviewed and I concur with all the praise. This play is an embarrassment of riches. It is so well directed, acted and staged that the ticket price seems absurdly low.

Craig Baldwin directs this piece with tremendous sensitivity and nuance. There is a metaphysical element to the story which enhances the depth of the experience, but the exploration of the relationships between the characters is really at the heart of the piece.

Belinda Giblin is luminous on stage. Like Cate Blanchett in her ‘Streetcar’ performances she is mesmerising. It would seem that her range is infinite- she inhabits her characters so well that one is never watching ‘Belinda’. Maggie Blinco is wonderfully entertaining as her friend, and the troubled couple, James Bell and Shuang Hu are completely convincing.

The production is spectacular. Really spectacular. I am not a fan of the STC style faux marble staircase sets, but this play, set in a B+B in Gettysburg, really benefits from the intricate set that the producer Jeremy Waters has conjured up. It is pure magic.

The play has so much to explore and is one that I will continue to reflect upon for many days. Do not miss it!!!

UBU is dazzling

Richard Hilliar is a wonderful actor and director, one of my ‘must see’ artists. His latest production UBU was written by him as well, and is seems to me that his talent is boundless. This play was adapted from a nineteenth century French play which apparently caused a riot at it premier. It was never performed again and the playwright’s other plays were ignored. This play is brimming with important and relevant political themes, but performed in an exuberant, absurdist, high camp style which is so entertaining that one is begging for a ‘third half’ as the performers are taking their bows. And the lines are so witty! The ensemble cast are all excellent and work beautifully with each other. A particularly strong element was the choreography and movement of the actors on the stage. This enhanced the ‘madness and mayhem’ being depicted enormously. Nicole Wineberg, was the producer as well as Princess Munt and looked spectacular in her glistening ‘pure white’ ensemble. There was so much creativity, energy and talent in this production and the cost of the ticket was so meagre…I cannot think of better value in my last ten years of attending theatre.

It was sold out last night when I saw it, but with such a short run, buy tickets immediately!