My Practice

I work at Woolloomooloo and in the Central West, NSW in my own Integrative Medicine practice. Our Woolloomooloo practice is at 75 Crown Street, on level 6 Suite 7. Our country practice is near the town of Lucknow, just east of Orange. You can call Monday to Friday during business hours to speak to my receptionist Denise on 93312732. Integrative doctors have usually studied at the College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, (shortened to ACNEM) and this is one way to establish whether a doctor has the necessary training to provide integrative medical care.

Stethoscope CalendarI work every day, Monday to Friday and will always see a patient in need within a few days. I have been a doctor for thirty years plus and I am still thrilled to be able to help people through my work. The dedicated integrative study allows me to offer help where standard medical training would have no answers, and I am grateful for this opportunity!