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Integrative doctors are all  General Practitioners, and have graduated from medical school. We have furthered our education in order to look deeper into the underlying cause of symptoms. Integrative doctors focus on nutrition, gut health and especially the microbiome.  Nutrition is the foundation of our health, and only through improved nutrition can we optimise gut bacteria. We now know that the gut is connected to every other organ system in the body through its immune function and through neuronal connections. Therefore we can improve many symptoms and many disease processes by focusing on the gut. Adrenal GlandIntegrative doctors always look for a natural alternative to prescription medication and use the script pad very frugally. We commonly deal with autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, adrenal hypofunction and even mental health problems. We also prefer to prescribe bio-identical hormones rather than synthetic when supplementation is required. For this reason most of the medication that I do prescribe is sent to a dedicated compounding pharmacist.