Men at the Old Fitz…another winner..make it a double

The latest play at The Old Fitz is another excellent play which is performed flawlessly. Three men interact in a room…is the end of the world near?We are not sure what is happening in the outside world for most of the play but the final, surprising last scene brings it all together brilliantly. The play focuses on the vulnerabilities of younger men, but does so in an engaging and highly entertaining way. The characters are all flawed but likeable because the actors are so charismatic. Ben O’toole, Sean Hawkins ( a recent best actor award winner in ‘Howie the Rookie’) and Jamie Timony are all wonderful; surprisingly no-one is upstaged. The female character , played by Cheree Cassidy is quite mysterious and up to the measure of the other cast members. The set is very imaginative as I have come to expect from Red Line Productions. See this play…you will leave feeling invigorated!

For a really memorable night of theatre, stay at the Old Fitz and see the late show- it starts at 9:00pm, so a snack at the bistro will take care of the intermission. The late show is a beautiful play called The Ishmael Club and focuses on a friendship between two well known Australian artists, Norman Lindsay and Will Dyson.It is actually very informative from an art history perspective as a bonus! The stand out performances are from Richard Hilliar as Dyson and Amy Scott-Smith as his wife Ruby, who has a particularly rich vocal tone which adds grandeur to all her roles.

The two plays were not conceived as a double bill, but make a very well balanced night out at the theatre.

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