Keef is a Treat

The Griffin does not often show musicals, but this one is a real treat. It is a musical fantasy with Keith Richards front and centre and gives a highly entertaining and musically rewarding ‘expose’ of the adventures experienced by the legendary guitarist during his years of drug use. The prose is beautifully written with many double entendres. Keith is played by Terry Serio, an accomplished musician and composer who really has the Keith look and accent down beautifully. He has composed a song which fits perfectly into the show. The supporting cast, playing band members and a multitude of other characters are Branden Christine, whom I last saw playing Penelope at The Tap, Lenore Munro, who is WAAPA trained and has done a lot of theatre including Shakespeare, Dorje Swallow NIDA trained and visible on television, film and theatre ( As You Like It for Bell this year) and Abe Mitchell who has an equally impressive and broad list of credits. The cast is wonderful, able to affect a multitude of accents, sing and play a variety of instruments. Lenore is also an accomplished dancer. To see a production where the performers do not need to be miked is quite refreshing, and this added to my enjoyment. I have to admit that watching Abe strut and sing  as Mick for a few ‘covers’ was the most delicious pleasure of all. The season is over fairly soon, try not to miss this production

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