Year of the Family -the all new Kings Cross Theatre

There is a new and very welcome addition to Sydney’s independent theatre scene..Kings Cross Theatre. It is situated on the second floor of the Kings Cross Hotel, right opposite the iconic coca cola sign. The space is excellent with two facing, well raked banks of seats.

This play is a triumph and credit must go to the director Richard Hillar. Richard has been reviewed by me previously and last night’s event only secures further my comment that if he is associated with a play, it will be good.

The play, ‘Year Of The Family’ is by well known English playwright Anthony Neilson, and it is terrific. The action is swift,interesting and creates very dynamic scenes and plot twists.The play is a series of ‘vignettes’ where various characters interact and this requires constant movement whilst maintaining a sense of timelessness on stage.The direction really hits the mark, and without any significant sets and very simple props. This is true creativity!

In order to engage the audience whilst the plot pieces have not yet fitted together, the ensemble cast must really perform flawlessly…and they do. I have seen most of these actors in previous independent play, often in a Hilliar play, and they rise to the challenge . Brendan Miles, Brooke Ryan, Nicole Wineberg, David Woodland and Peter-William Jamieson all bring humour and poignancy to their characters.

I am so thrilled that there is another venue for me to see independent productions and I hope that Sydney will get behind these places and ensure their success!!


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