Do NOT miss SCO

As you know, I make posts about great art activities that I have enjoyed, primarily theatre. I have not yet written a post about a forthcoming event, but I attended an evening preview of ‘Notes From Underground’ based on the ( very dense and very difficult) novel by the famous Russian author Dostoevsky. It is on from 15-20 August at Carriageworks. It is going to be amazing!!

SCO is a very modern opera company, and if you have never seen opera/hate opera/hate modern opera/love just must not miss this. Not only has the artistic director of SCO Jack Symonds BRILLIANTLY understood how to decipher the novel and present it in a way that makes sense, he has engaged a fabulous librettist and a director who is working in opera overseas and an amazing troupe of singers . It will be ( as SCO always is) cutting edge/avant guard/how did they think of that? fabulous and the best part is that Jack makes modern opera music so compelling that he actually improves one’s ability to understand the genre.

My guilty admission is that before SCO I just did not enjoy any modern ‘classical’ music and certainly not modern opera. From all the productions I have attended my ear has been awakened and I can appreciate and follow the now I love it. You will love this work and be grateful for it, as I am. Do not miss it !

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