A New Golden Age

One of the most successful, feted and in my opinion beautiful plays ever written is ‘The Golden Age’  a 1985 masterpiece by playwright Louis Nowra.  By way of a minor miracle, Louis Nowra has written a new play specifically for The Old Fitzroy hotel, ‘This Much Is True’ and it is truly magical.

This play is all about the real folk who drink at Woolloomooloo’s favourite local pub. It is based on true stories and is quite confronting and gritty in its subject matter. But this play is crafted like a fine violin- the dialogue and narrative is exquisite and balances the harshness of the story to perfection. I am in awe of the talent that this writer possesses.

The  large ensemble cast is excellent and the direction by Toby Schmitz( assisted by Andrew Henry)  is flawless. There are  many different scenes and yet there is a seamless transition so that the pace never flags.Productions at The Old Fitz generally seem to harness unparalleled energy from the performers and this is certainly the case with ‘This Much Is True’.

Sound, lighting and sets are all terrific and enhance the production. The costumes worn by Venus are particularly evocative. Every facet of this piece of theatre rings true.

This production is sold out now- but my advice is to e-mail Red Line and beg for an extension or a return season. Failing that.. when this play does pop up at another theatre buy tickets immediately!!

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