See ‘View’ at Glen

I deferred reviewing View from the Bridge, currently at The Old Fitz because it has been sold out all season and I do not like to recommend a play for  which  tickets cannot be purchased. I just found out that this amazing production is to be extended at  Glen Street Theatre which is in Belrose, not too far away on the North Shore.

Arthur Miller’s 1950s play has been more successful in revivals that it was when first performed, although Arthur Miller was already wildly famous in 1955 when it was first performed. This production transcends the seventy years since it was written and credit for this must go to the direction by Iain Sinclair, and his assistant Andrew Henry. It is truly breathtaking. Iain has dared to pare the work back and in doing so has sculpted a performance that seems relevant  and is both exiting and palpable. The writing is illuminated brilliantly. Of course the actors must also take credit. I cannot remember a piece where every actor contributes so completely- it is like a world record relay team. Ivan Donato as Eddie is perfect. He is not a likeable character but Ivan enables us to completely understand him. Zoe Terakes- a school student who is making her debut- is remarkable as Catherine. Janine Watson, a very talented actress whom I have seen in several plays this year is quite sublime as Eddie’s wife Beatrice.  Giles Gartrell -Mills David Soncin ,Lincoln Younes and David Lynch all deserve to be mentioned simply because they are all wonderful. This play deserves a six month run. Do not miss it at Glen… like me you will be reflecting upon how fantastic it is for weeks after!

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