DNA is on at the KXT, under the direction of Claudia Barrie. She is a very well respected director who has garnered much critical acclaim, and this must surely be her best work yet. This piece is a very dark, very tense thriller  but also manages to be very funny,    providing an insight into the tortured minds of a group of marginalised British teens . The eleven strong cast has been directed to provide a level of acting excellence that I cannot recall seeing previously. Every cast member pulls off perfect timing and acting that is spellbinding. Some of the casts are well known in independent theatre- Jess-Bell Keogh was stunning last year in ‘The Slut’ at the Old Fitz, Alex Beauman was in one of my favourite plays of 2016- The Whale, also extraordinary, and Bardiya Mckinnon was recently in the magical Metamorphoses. Others are well known in film, such as James Fraser, but the  cast members are all accomplished and talented.

I cannot imagine better theatre than this. There was a big crowd this evening, so don’t delay.. and do not miss this theatrical high water mark.

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