Martin y Maroun

Very very HIGHLY recommended from my darkness of days and the constant fear of living day to day my mental state was always hitting the worst rock bottom visiting doctor to doctor writing me out prescriptions and sending me on my way and hearing the same things over and over and telling me that’s it that’s all there is to it trying endless amounts of methods which put me along the more worst track I honestly thought that’s it it’s over so I had reached a complete dead end in my life. Still hoping for hope I gave it one last shot and hoping for the best I stumbled across to find Dr Jennifer Bromberger booking an appointment which i honestly thought I was going to hear the same thing over and over also being a lady doctor which other lady doctors I had seen hadn’t been helpful or to know my case at all and the drive all the way to the City CBD during work hours I’m like O well not happy but so Ill take the punt. As the old saying goes ‘You never never know if you never never Go’.
Which now I look back and say it was the drive from punchbowl to the City CBD i will never regret.
As I walked in and waited around for 10 mins and got called in by the secretary I met Dr Jenny I’m like here we go another Dr another prescription… as she sat me down she gave me this warm and friendly greeting which made me feel more comfortable with my anxious mind racing and fear and anxiety controlling my life she then had asked me what is your problem. I paused for 2 mins and then let out my situation as I finished with no answer she then grabbed a pen and paper – thinking it was another prescription my head was shaking – she then actually drew exactly what my problem was, why I’m thinking like that and what will happen for the worst case scenario, and how I will get over this to finish from this problem. My body froze and it was like 5 mins of speaking to her took off 5 years off my heavy worried shoulders.
Doing what she advised me to do and what foods not to eat and prescribing me supplements to take, I then had really noticed after a few weeks my life had really turned around and my family and closest friends were all so shocked to see me and how I have changed.
Which now thankfully and thank you to Dr Jennifer my life has changed around a lot.
She always gave me hope and gave me the answers which I thought I’ll never hear and never once was not there when I needed her support and advise.
Through this now my family and closest friends all go to see her with nothing but comfort and smile when they walk out.
I always look forward in seeing you and now after 30 years we get to call you our family doctor
I deeply appreciate it Dr Jennifer