Simone Condopoulos

I have been seeing Dr Bromberger for almost 2 years. She has helped me enormously with treating symptoms related to RA. For me, the medications did not work and had terrible side effects. I have been following a strict diet (no sugar, wheat, alcohol) which, for me is relatively easy to do as I am not a foodie and I don’t drink. (I followed The Meyers Way – there are many programs out there) Like all of us though, sometimes, I may have something that I should not and that is normal. When that happens, I just pick up where I left off. All the research shows, that inflammation of any type is made worse by, sugar, wheat and alcohol. Before starting my diet and supplements, my wrists were so swollen and my pain and fatigue unbearable. Now, my swelling has come down significantly and pain has decreased. However its a constant challenge with RA. I still have flare ups depending on what I have been doing. I just keep on, keeping on. Dr Bromberger is the first GP that I met on this journey who has been understanding, knowledgeable and supportive. RA is not an easy disease to manage because everyone responds differently to treatment. But, she has helped me to understand what I can do to alleviate my symptoms and she follows up with me when ever something new comes up which I am so very grateful for. I too am constantly researching and looking for the next thing that might help. I remain hopeful that one day there will be a cure, unfortunately, for now, there is no cure . So anyone with inflammation can find some relief with following a diet plan, exercise and medication (if it works for them) along side with keeping your stress levels down. I have also found a wonderful Rheumatologist in Dr Irwin Lim. I highly recommend Dr Bromberger as an integrative GP – and I have sent friends and family to her who also think she is great!