Caress/Ache at the Griffin

The Griffin theatre is a lovely little theatre tucked away on the other side of the road from the  iconic coca-cola sign of Kings Cross. This theatre has been running for many decades and has been dedicated to the task of bringing new Australian plays to Sydney- a really tremendous feat.

The current play Caress/Ache is an Australian ( World) premiere and is very very creative and intricate play. I really love plays which have several threads that eventually tie in together. The acting is stunning as well, with all of the cast members playing more than one role effortlessly. The most poignant story in this play, which explores the theme of human touch , relates to a man about to be hung in Singapore for a drug crime…of course this resonates with audiences at the moment.

I highly recommend this play, which is running until early April. it is completely absorbing  and very moving. As an aside, I don’t usually read reviews until after I have seen a play. In this case I was horrified by the negative reviews which did not seem to capture the nuances of this play. Talking casually to audience members afterwards also reflected a great deal of enthusiasm for this perhaps the critics get too bogged down with the joys of tearing a performance apart!

Ticket prices are so reasonable- only $35.00 for under thirty year olds.

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