Freak Winds is a ‘Must See’

The Old Fitz is currently my favourite independent theatre venue in Sydney..every show this year has been a winner. The latest , a play written , directed by and starring a talented and experienced member of Sydney stage royalty-Marshall Napier -is dazzling.

It is a true thriller, set on a stormy night in a dusty old home. I felt worried for the insurance salesman-played beautifully by Ben O’Toole- from the moment he entered the lair…just as one should. The tension was modulated by moments of wonderful comedy, enabling me to wonder whether I was just being neurotic!. The mild mannered home owner played by Napier was brilliant- menacing in every gesture and comment. This performance was enhanced by the fact that Napier himself had recently broken his leg and was using crutches and a frame- the dichotomy worked very well indeed. The third character played by the exquisite Anna Bamford was delightful as the mysterious Myra.

This play is fantastic entertainment. Combining the show with a meal at The Old Fitz ( the restaurant has recently reopened with two clever French Chefs who serve authentic cuisine) is a marvelous way to have a champagne evening for the price of beer!

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