Intravenous therapy

There are several important uses for intravenous therapy in integrative general practice. Vitamin C and other nutrients are presented as vials and bottles and are added to small bags of warmed normal saline. The doses are dependent upon the condition being treated. Vitamin C, vitamin B groups, Glutathione, ALA, Magnesium and Zinc are all common nutrients used in intravenous therapy. Vitamin C is the most versatile of all, as a strong antioxidant and boost to the immune system. It is used either once or twice per week for two to three weeks to help recovery from viral illnesses. It is particularly helpful for shingles, the adult form of chicken pox ,in reducing the duration of nerve pain ( neuralgia) from the shingles. It is also helpful for Epstein Barr Virus, (glandular fever,) and other acute viral infections. It can be mixed with glutathione for this indication. Some of my patients have heavy metal toxicity symptoms, and vitamin C is used with other chelation agents such as ALA in particular regimens to help remove these from the body. Mercury is one example where intravenous therapy is useful, and radioactive materials is another, where magnesium is added to help chelation. Cancer support is another area where intravenous therapy is very helpful. Higher doses of vitamin C are required. It supports the patient and also has chemotherapeutic activity. It is used weekly or twice weekly before chemotherapy. My patients have experienced a gratifying stability in their white cell counts during chemotherapy enabling the chemotherapy regimen to be completed more quickly and reducing side effects- particularly the extreme fatigue. Some patients utilise Vitamin C as an energiser after international travel or a particularly hectic schedule. It is popular overseas in this context.

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