Five properties of Chainmale/Griffin Theatre

The current play at the Griffin, Five Properties of Chainmale, is excellent, and explores some foibles of modern middle aged man. It reveals vanity, self doubt, cowardice and dishonesty in five very funny and utterly convincing vignettes. The staging is extremely clever in that the different male characters are played by all three men, and feelings are sometimes narrated so that we have an excellent view of both the interior and exterior of the characters. The sets are equally imaginative and flexible to set up the various stories.

The acting by Jeremy Waters , Briony Williams, Dominic McDonald and Alan Lovell is wonderful and they affect a variety of accents effortlessly as well as portraying a wide range of emotions . These are seasoned stage actors whose performances I have enjoyed in plays such as Four Places and Scenes from an Execution.

The biggest credit must go to Nicholas Hope another great Australian actor who wrote and directed this play. Some of the lines are quite delicious and the play flows seamlessly.

I have read some unfavourable reviews of this play which is disappointing. It is not a preachy play and therefore does not draw a final conclusion. It shows us who we are, and if we are honest, both men and women could not help but relate to the behaviours depicted.

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