Rush to the Seymour

Sport for Jove is one of the most successful independent theatre companies in Sydney right now. This production only reaffirms its important place in the theatre scene. The current production ‘Of Mice And Men’ at the Seymour Centre is based on the beautiful book by John Steinbeck, and is a stunning production.

The ensemble cast, led by the charismatic Anthony Gooley and Andrew Henry as Lenny, is ideally cast, and every detail in this production is appealing. The characters are revealed through engaging dialogue and the action is utterly convincing.

Good acting is central to any production and the cast are all excellent. The crucial role of the cognitively impaired Lenny is portrayed to perfection by Andrew Henry. I have seen him perform in several plays in the last twelve months and he is a rare actor who can completely change his persona, his facial expressions and even his vocal tone to suit the role. The virtuosity of this performance demands attendance- book immediately because the season is short and bookings have been heavy for the rest of the dates.

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