Another Dazzling Duet

The current play at the Old Fitz is ‘Blonde Poison’ which tells the true story of a Jewish woman convicted of Nazi collaboration during WW2. It is a one woman show, featuring Belinda Giblin, famous for television and film work. Belinda is an acting force to be reckoned with in this performance. Firstly she looks superb..the part must surely have been written with her in mind. Her accent is flawless and natural, and her capacity to shift from narcissist to war victim with a word or expression is breathtaking. This character becomes utterly convincing . Even as a Jewish woman I could understand how she travelled that path and could ( almost) feel sympathetic. I feel that this is the best female performance of the year.

The late show, ‘Flame Peas’ is a marvelous pairing with ‘Blonde Poison,’ a short musical piece which is endearing, very funny and showcasing some terrific musicality. For younger audience members I recommend that you read the words to ‘Flame Trees’ by Cold Chisel since this will heighten the humour!

The entertainment quality of these two plays represents tremendous value and with a bite to eat between shows is a really great night out.

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