Four minutes twelve seconds…brilliant theatre

The latest play at the ever astounding Old Fitz theatre is a highly regarded play making its Australian debut. It is a wonderful play- funny and uncomfortable at the same time and it is blisteringly relevant in its themes of social media , teenage sexual relationships and the challenges of modern parenting. The parents are played by Danielle King ( often in Sport For Jove productions) and the extremely versatile Jeremy Waters. These actors are just fabulous- they are always fabulous but this script enables them to present  nuanced characters who dazzle with their stage presence. Their rapport on stage is remarkable and they make wonderful use of the clever set  through dozens of scene changes. The supporting actors, Kate Cheel and Felix Johnson -both with excellent training and previous theatre experience behind them do a great job in holding their own on stage.

This play is directed by Craig Baldwin, who directed the very moving ‘Aliens’ at The Fitz ‘ last year. What a coup to have him back in Australia for this play.

My first rule of theatre is that I must be often I am willing a play to be finished, particularly at The Wharf or Opera House. This play seemed to be over in about four minutes and I was wishing that it could have kept going! It is just a winning combination of talent and deserves a full house every night.

The box office attendant explained that there are only a few tickets left for each show….snap them up!

One thought on “Four minutes twelve seconds…brilliant theatre

  1. Hi Jenny. Great to connect with you. I am a naturopathic nutritionist based in Balmain and Dr Ashley Berry who I know well referred you to me as you are closer.
    I too am a lover of the Arts and saw “Fourminutes twelve seconds” as a birthday pressies. Lucky me. Loved it as well.
    Did you happen to catch “Gloria” at the Griffin starring Marta Dusseldorf. Brilliantly acted and certainly kept you on your toes with different actors playing different characters but maintaining their “actor character name” whilst changing characters. Interesting concept and made for lots of discussion at dinner after.
    I’m incredibly curious and love digging deeply into my client’s cases and love the journey that wellness health takes us on unravelling and discovering the best diets, supplements and lifestyles to allow clients to flourish.
    Love to catch up with you and meet in person.
    Cheers Susan


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