Morgan Stern..a Tour De Force

Sometimes I see a play which is so wonderful and so well done that I am surprised! The latest play at the Blood Moon Theatre ( in the World Bar) is a perfect example. Morgan Stern is a one man show written by the talented Gina Schien (she wrote a glorious play, Punter’s Siren which we saw at the same venue). It is performed by a relatively ‘unknown’ actor Graeme Rhodes. He has performed in many productions over several decades but in this play he is remarkable. He is able to create several characters ,each with distinctive voices and facial characteristics, without any confusion to the audience; the complex story is beautifully realised over ninety minutes that sails past too quickly.I hope never to miss him in further plays because his talent is enormous. The theme is mental health but this play has many layers and there is a marvelous fantasy element which ensures that it is not excessively gritty. The direction by Goldele Rayment must also be commended because the flow is seamless, lighting and sound enhance the text, and she has made excellent use of this space. I gave this a standing ovation. Who needs off broadway?

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