I Love You My Mother

The first play at the Old Fitzroy Hotel for 2017 is a brand new Australian play written by Jeanette Cronin, I Hate You My Mother. This play is quite adventurous , and moves backward and forward in time over four hundred years. There are multiple characters played by Jeanette herself and a young NIDA graduate, Simen Glommen Bostad . The story covers topics such as incest,  sexual betrayal, and even murder, but is is so beautifully written and acted that it never seems tawdry. Jeanette’s writing has always been excellent, but this play is her best yet.There are clever devices such as accents to ensure that there is no confusion, and these are accomplished brilliantly, especially be Jeanette Cronin whose versatility as an actress always amazes me.

The design, costuming and sound is really wonderful. The play overall is so entertaining that I was sorry when it finished, hoping that the interwoven stories could just continue!

I highly recommend this production. In addition it is vital to support new Australian works- so in this case one can have a fabulous night of theatre and feel that one has done something really positive for Australia’s cultural future.

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