BU21..wonderful theatre

Outhouse Theatre Company has an excellent track record, and this production at the lovely 505 theatre in Newtown is a winner.

The play BU21 is set in the near future and concerns a terrorist attack in London which downs a plane- killing both the plane passengers but also people going about their business in an upmarket London suburb when the plane crashes onto the street. It is a play about the aftermath of such an attack, but also gives a chilling portrait of narcissism which will find a way to succeed in the face of every situation. The six characters are all effected by the crash- witnessing it, injured by it or losing loved ones, but their ways of dealing with  reality are markedly different.

A controversial technique is to allow one of the characters to appear as a ‘narrator’ and therefore set apart from the other characters. I liked this very much.

The performances are all strong. The accents are sound, but  special credit must be given to Emily Havea whose exquisite English accent was so good that both my husband and I assumed she was British and were very surprised to hear her speak after the performance.The character of Alex, played by Skyler Ellis is beautifully interpreted, and he is charismatic enough to make his exploits seem plausible. Jeremy waters is,as usual, masterful in his role of Graham. His performance seems effortless the most talented actors always manage to do. He has also produced this work and he has done a brilliant job.

Sydneysiders have much to be grateful for in the independent arts scene. Go to the 505 for an great night out!

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