Blink… don’t miss it!

This week I saw the current play at the Kings Cross Theatre called Blink. We had a night free and I booked the tickets without researching the play, the company producing the play, the actors, director and so on.

Blink is an exquisite play, written by a highly regarded/awarded contemporary  English playwright Phil Porter. Whilst it is described as a play exploring a dysfunctional relationship, it is so touching and quirky that we can see elements of many of our own relationships in the drama which unfolds.

I realised whilst watching this piece that the actors were extremely versatile and talented, and recognised Charlotte Hazzard from other excellent work at venues such as The Old Fitz. She is physically beautiful and her WA training has given her excellent movement skills which really enhance her performance. The other actor in this two- hander is James Raggett, a recent NIDA graduate and he also performs  with such sensitivity and delicacy that the audience wills him to find happiness.

This play demands various English accents and I loved their performances in relation to this.. afterwards I realised that a very talented actor,Nick Kurnow, was the dialect coach.

Reading the programme I saw that the creative team is a very experienced and talented group, from director Luke Rogers, to set designer Anne Gardiner. The set is magical and adds to the fairytale quality of the play.

So, actually, it is not surprising that the overall production is so wonderful. We are so fortunate to have such quality theatrical experiences at our fingertips and for such a small amount of money. Go along and celebrate this!!



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