Red Line Productions undertook an amazing concept in 2017. They commissioned a new play for every main stage production, and the new play was to be a response to the main stage  play.’ Bengal Tiger’, currently showing . It is a beautiful play which had a wonderful debut on broadway ; Robin Williams was the lead actor. The response play, ‘Amongst the Ruins’ is written by a local actor/writer, Michael Mcstay. This young man is an accomplished actor, musician and writer. He wrote a very creative piece which I saw in 2016 at The Old Fitz, ‘ Bright Those Claws That Mar The Flesh’, and I was extremely impressed with this work, and hopeful that he would continue to write. His response play is truly amazing. It is a beautiful piece of theatre in its own right, but it also incorporates  many themes of the inspirational work, ‘Bengal Tiger’. The cast is absolutely excellent and makes the most of the eloquent writing . I cannot recommend this play strongly enough. See ‘Bengal Tiger and then its response. You will be amazed!

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