No Doubt

The current production at The Old Fitz, Doubt, has already been enthusiastically reviewed by all the ‘big’ Sydney reviewers. Doubt is a play that requires superb acting in order to sustain tension, prevent melodrama and be truly convincing. Set in a parish school in the Bronx, the stage is beautifully lit to give the illusion of a church at times. But the performances of the cast are even more illuminating. Belinda Giblin is an astonishing actress, capable of restraint or slapstick comedy. Her portrayal of the school principal is faultless and she is entirely convincing. During her performance she is seen writing a letter and she told me afterwards that she actually writes a different letter every night, each relevant to the drama. We are the beneficiaries of this level of commitment. Matilda Ridgway is a very accomplished actress whom I have seen many times working for all the well known companies in Sydney. She is a very capable Shakespearean actress, and her ability to think deeply about the text informs her performance beautifully. The other two performers are equally well cast, Damian de Montemas, absolutely charismatic as the priest and Charmaine Bingwa who surprised me by not being American when I spoke to her after the play. Dino Dimitriadis has done a marvelous job as director;he has an enormously successful track record in theatre but usually producing. He has created a piece of theatre that really should run for months… but without a doubt should not be missed!

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