DAWN and OMAR …a wonderful theatrical experience

This play is about a young homeless lad taken in by an elderly woman. He has been in and out of care, and she has had more than her share of failed attempts to help troubled teens. Add to this the complexity of his Lebanese ethnicity and his best friend, turfed out of home for being gay and scraping a living as a sex-worker, whom he wants to help…and the elderly woman’s brother who reluctantly offers this lad a job as an apprentice in his shop and you have a very interesting story line.

What is great about this play is everything.. from the acting to the sublime direction, to the authenticity with which it unfolds, to the excellent set, excellent lighting and appropriate use of background music.

Dino Dimitriadis is a brilliant director. He can be flamboyant or restrained but his attention to detail and ability to make a play present flawlessly are clearly at work here.

The four actors are all wonderful, but the most outstanding is Maggie Blinko. She is eighty six.. playing an eighty year old in this play and her acting- both verbal and non verbal is perfect. She is absolutely convincing and really commands the stage. As Omar, Anthony Makhlouf is endearing and attractive and his capacity to keep the audience emoting for him is one of the play’s strengths. His friend Mansoor Noor is very strong as his very troubled friend, as is Lex Marinos as the brother.

This play is entertaining, strong and ultimately very satisfying. It is sold out on several nights already so get tickets straight away!

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