Martin y Maroun

Very very HIGHLY recommended from my darkness of days and the constant fear of living day to day my mental state was always hitting the worst rock bottom visiting doctor to doctor writing me out prescriptions and sending me on my way and hearing the same things over and over and telling me that’s it that’s all there is to it trying endless amounts of methods which put me along the more worst track I honestly thought that’s it it’s over so I had reached a complete dead end in my life. Still hoping for hope I gave it one last shot and hoping for the best I stumbled across to find Dr Jennifer Bromberger booking an appointment which i honestly thought I was going to hear the same thing over and over also being a lady doctor which other lady doctors I had seen hadn’t been helpful or to know my case at all and the drive all the way to the City CBD during work hours I’m like O well not happy but so Ill take the punt. As the old saying goes ‘You never never know if you never never Go’.
Which now I look back and say it was the drive from punchbowl to the City CBD i will never regret.
As I walked in and waited around for 10 mins and got called in by the secretary I met Dr Jenny I’m like here we go another Dr another prescription… as she sat me down she gave me this warm and friendly greeting which made me feel more comfortable with my anxious mind racing and fear and anxiety controlling my life she then had asked me what is your problem. I paused for 2 mins and then let out my situation as I finished with no answer she then grabbed a pen and paper – thinking it was another prescription my head was shaking – she then actually drew exactly what my problem was, why I’m thinking like that and what will happen for the worst case scenario, and how I will get over this to finish from this problem. My body froze and it was like 5 mins of speaking to her took off 5 years off my heavy worried shoulders.
Doing what she advised me to do and what foods not to eat and prescribing me supplements to take, I then had really noticed after a few weeks my life had really turned around and my family and closest friends were all so shocked to see me and how I have changed.
Which now thankfully and thank you to Dr Jennifer my life has changed around a lot.
She always gave me hope and gave me the answers which I thought I’ll never hear and never once was not there when I needed her support and advise.
Through this now my family and closest friends all go to see her with nothing but comfort and smile when they walk out.
I always look forward in seeing you and now after 30 years we get to call you our family doctor
I deeply appreciate it Dr Jennifer

Erica Beaton

Jenny Bromberger is an extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and dedicated doctor. I initially saw her for one specific issue for which I received immediate support and a lasting result but I quickly realised she could help me with so much more. She has helped me work through gut health issues, hormonal changes, addressed nutritional deficiencies and sleep/lifestyle challenges. Every time I see her I learn so much. She takes a whole person approach to health and happiness and is I believe an exceptional health professional to partner with. I say partner because I believe you take first responsibility for your health, but if you are open and receptive to her advice and guidance you will build a strong foundation for your future well being. She cares so much about her patients and gives 100% of herself when you are with her. I am so grateful that she was recommended to me and I am delighted to wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone serious about investing in their health.

Chrisy Eliot

Dr Bromberger has helped my toddler son and I with some matters that “conventional” medicine chooses to ignore. Ignoring does not make them cease to exist so I fail to understand that arrogant approach.. Making changes to your health and vitality does sometimes require dedication and challenging lifestyle changes, but I believe is infinitely worth it. Big pharma likes people to believe there is simply a pill you can pop to solve all ills. People buy into this and the direction of medicine seems to be is one of MEDicate rather than WELLness. You will not regret seeing Dr Bromberger. I had not previously found a medical practitioner as thorough, knowledgeable, genuine and measured as Dr Bromberger.

Health 4You

I am so grateful to have found Dr Jenny Bromberger (recommended by a friend). I am in my 50’s and have been living with a complex chronic illness for many years. I have improved more in the 2 years I’ve been seeing Dr Jenny, than previous years seeing over a dozen health specialists. Dr Jenny uses her knowledge and experience to heal the imbalances in the body. While every body reacts differently Dr Jenny identifies, tests and treats each imbalance while keeping the whole body in focus. Improving health requires time, change, commitment and knowledge. If you are willing to commit the time to change, Dr Jenny will provide her knowledge and support to help you heal. Without 100 % commitment, there is little chance of success, wasting time and money along the way. Dr Jenny is professional and is always on time with her appointments ( which I really appreciate) There is no magic pill, easy path or guarantee with rebuilding health ( although I wish there was) but if you are willing to ‘ do whatever it takes’ to regain your health, then I believe Dr Jenny is the doctor for you

Andrew Henry

Dr Bromberger is an extraordinarily compassionate and highly skilled doctor that challenged me on every habit I had formed. I reached out to an ‘Integrative Doctor’ because I needed to challenge myself. Dr Bromberger has made a profound difference to my mental health, drug habit, drinking habits and weight issues. It was confronting and I had to acknowledge my issues, often with resistance because I didn’t want to admit to my self destruction ……but Dr Bromberger, patiently supported me and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone that wants to change their life.

Bishanyia Vincent

I have been seeing Jenny for over 18 months now and she is the first doctor who has actually listened to me and has gotten to the bottom of my health issues. This is after YEARS of going to gps and explaining symptoms and knowing something was out of balance and not being heard. Hormones, gut health, mental health. She’s sharp as a tack and gets straight to the point. Well worth EVERY PENNY!

Simone Condopoulos

I have been seeing Dr Bromberger for almost 2 years. She has helped me enormously with treating symptoms related to RA. For me, the medications did not work and had terrible side effects. I have been following a strict diet (no sugar, wheat, alcohol) which, for me is relatively easy to do as I am not a foodie and I don’t drink. (I followed The Meyers Way – there are many programs out there) Like all of us though, sometimes, I may have something that I should not and that is normal. When that happens, I just pick up where I left off. All the research shows, that inflammation of any type is made worse by, sugar, wheat and alcohol. Before starting my diet and supplements, my wrists were so swollen and my pain and fatigue unbearable. Now, my swelling has come down significantly and pain has decreased. However its a constant challenge with RA. I still have flare ups depending on what I have been doing. I just keep on, keeping on. Dr Bromberger is the first GP that I met on this journey who has been understanding, knowledgeable and supportive. RA is not an easy disease to manage because everyone responds differently to treatment. But, she has helped me to understand what I can do to alleviate my symptoms and she follows up with me when ever something new comes up which I am so very grateful for. I too am constantly researching and looking for the next thing that might help. I remain hopeful that one day there will be a cure, unfortunately, for now, there is no cure . So anyone with inflammation can find some relief with following a diet plan, exercise and medication (if it works for them) along side with keeping your stress levels down. I have also found a wonderful Rheumatologist in Dr Irwin Lim. I highly recommend Dr Bromberger as an integrative GP – and I have sent friends and family to her who also think she is great!

Sarah Leeman

The most wonderful doctor I have ever seen – worth every penny to get my good health back.

Lady Vedovis

The most attentive, knowledgable doctor I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. Dr Jenny has fixed many issues that have plagued me for years.

Cameron Simpson

Jenny is a rare thing in this day and age, a doctor who takes the time to listen to her patients so she can get to the bottom of health issues with an Integrative approach to whole body health. After years of being stuck in what felt like a revolving door of different doctors, I have been amazed by Jenny’s dedication and thoroughness. She has done more to improve my health and wellbeing in just a few months than any doctor I have seen in the years before. I’m eternally grateful to Jenny for everything she’s done, and highly recommend her to anyone seeking quality health care.