Jake Biggs

I started with Dr Bromberger at the beginning of December 2016. I was previously seeing a psychiatrist who decided and continued to bombard me with pharmaceutical medications. The first day I met Jenny, I knew she was an incredibly special human being. Her knowledge, insight and the way that she articulated her explanations to you gave you extreme peace of mind. In less than 3 MONTHS, I am now not taking any pharmaceutical medications. I cannot emphasize the profound importance and role Jenny has invested into myself. If I didn’t find Jenny, I would be on dangerous medications for the rest of my life. Jenny has turned my life around completely. It’s also her meticulous approach towards the human body with thorough medical investigations prescribed for the most efficient and measured treatment plan. If you want a practitioner that will change your physiology, you have found the best person there is. Trust me – The investment is worth it.