Sally Irwin

During the time I’ve been a patient of Dr Bromberger I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer, very likely to return. The three years I was given is up next month, I am well, healthy and there is no sign of cancer. Dr Bromberger enabled me to face up to a difficult and at times terrifying process. She provided me with workable solutions, was always available, putting herself out again and again during a crisis. She enabled me to access information and treatments that that my oncologist regards as ‘cutting edge, the vanguard’ that were not even suggested three years ago. I have thus been able to access treatments that supported and added to mainstream chemo and radiotherapy. But going to Dr Bromberger is not a passive, ‘give me the pills’ process. It is a partnership between a highly trained practitioner who has spent decades hunting down and investigating what happens in a body that goes awry, (and mine has gone awry in more ways than the breast cancer) and the patient has to work hard too. Healing requires changes that are not always comfortable, that bring you slap up against social customs, that make you feel an outsider (the old ‘just one won’t hurt’ often pushed by those who think new found disciplines show them up) and at times resentful that others can cruise through living as they like. But good health is everything; the odd drink, sugar, what is that compared to bursting with energy and being pain free?